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AROS är ett resurssnålt, effektivt och flexibelt operativsystem, gjord för att hjälpa dig få ut det mesta av din dator. Det är ett oberoende, fritt och plattformsöverskridande projekt med målet att vara kompatibelt med AmigaOS på API-nivå (på samma sätt som Wine, men olikt UAE), men förbättrat på flertalet områden. Källkoden är tillgänglig under en "öppen-källkod"-licens vilket tillåter att vem som helst får göra förbättringar.

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Detta är förkonfigurerade och vältestade versioner av AROS. De innehåller många användbara program som inte följer med från start och är de som är mest intressanta för vanliga användare. De kanske saknar den senaste versionen av AROS, men de är mycket stabilare och mer användarvänliga än nightly builds. Om du är en som är nyfiken på vad AROS har att erbjuda så rekommenderar vi att du använder distributioner för bästa möjliga upplevelse.

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October 2016 Highlights

Author:Krzysztof Smiechowicz

In October the AROS repository breached 53000 commits mark thank to contributions from multiple developers. Neil Cafferkey continued his work on improving MUI as well as fixed the IntelGMA video driver. Miloslav Martinka contributed further Czech localization as well as localized WiMP tool. Yannick Erb and Marcus Sackrow contributed fixes to AROS programs and we saw introduction of new AROS GUI theme. Lastly ARM Linux hosted version of AROS has been fixed to compile again as part of ABIv0 refresh by Krzysztof Smiechowicz.

After September's explosion of distributions, October was quiet on that front. 3rd party developers however continued their work. Yannick Erb released updated version of ZuneView tool and Joerg Renkert released new version of his ModExplorer application for playing online and offline music modules. AROS archives also saw upload of two interesting Zelda-type games, Time to Triumph and Navi's Quest.

September 2016 Highlights

Author:Krzysztof Smiechowicz

September was definatelly a distro month. First AEROS distribution was refreshed by Pascal Papara and brought to version 4.2.1 on all supported platforms (Raspberry Pi 1/2/3 and Odroid XU3/XU4). The changes include integration of EmuLa, installation of Chrome browser supporting Flash, SDL2 libraries and ScummVM 1.8 and Amiga Racer game.

Staying on ARM platform, September also saw first release of AROS distribution targetted at Orange Pi platform. The distribution, called PiAROS, uses hosted version of AROS, similar to AEROS.

Lastly, Icaros Desktop, x86 distribution by Paolo Besser received an update and is now available in version 2.1.3. The new version brings updates to several applications, include Odyssey Web Browser, PortablE, SimpleMail and Mapparium.

In core AROS development we had two activities. While Neil Cafferkey continued making improvements to MUI, Miloslav Martinka added Czech localization to a number of applications as well as implemented localization in Appearance preferences.

August 2016 Highlights

Author:Krzysztof Smiechowicz

Opening this news summary is a public, read-only access for AROS repository. So far such access was only provided via the AROS GIT-mirror but now it is also available on the main repository.

Also last month a first, full developer pack for AROS 68k has been released by Krzysztof Smiechowicz in cooperation with Apollo/Vampire team. The dev-pack contains ready to use native development environment for 68k as well as scripts that will download and build AROS 68k on a Linux host delivering system and cross compiler.

In the AROS core there have been a few notable developments. Nick Andrews continued making fixes to AROS to allow compilation under GCC 6.1. Krzysztof Smiechowicz updated OpenSSL library to version 1.0.1t and started porting OpenSSH 7.3 package, releasing the first, alpha version. The work on the ssh client was triggered by results of June's survey. Neil Cafferkey continued making fixes and extensions to MUI List class and finally a number of programs received new or updated Czech localization thanks to Miloslav Martinka.

Outside of core team Pascal Papara continued releasing updated to his AROS distributions. In August AEROS 4.0.1 has been release with support for Raspberry Pi 1,2 and 3 containing updated kernels and update for UAE4ARM emulator.

Closing this update, there have been two interesting 3rd party developments in August. SimpleMail 0.42 with SSL support has been released and a new ,OpenGL enabled port of a classic Elite 2 Frontier has been made available by David Douglas.

July 2016 Highlights

Author:Krzysztof Smiechowicz

In July AROS core received a number of small fixes and updates from varius contributors, including Neil Cafferkey, Krzysztof Smiechowicz, Matthias Rustler and Stefan Haubenthal. Notably, this work included fixing the native GCC to correctly search for SDK paths.

Outside of core AROS developments, an interesting offer has been made by the Apollo Team . They offered free Vampire accelerator cards to developers interested in improving AROS 68k. More information can be found in this thread .

We've also seen a good portion of new applications being released for AROS. A number of games have been ported and are now available for download from the Archives . Next, SimpleMail mail client, has been updated to version 0.41. Finally, a retro gaming center program called EMULA has been made public by its author, Fabio Falcucci. EMULA is free to use and includes additional features based on subscription model.

Closing July's highlights, Pascal Papara released a new preview build of his AROS x86 distribution called AROS Broadway. More information can be found here .

June 2016 Highlights

Author:Krzysztof Smiechowicz

This month's highlights start with the results of the AROS 2016 usage survey. The survey was aimed at understanding the ways in which AROS is used and what is needed to make it more useful. In total 50 people took part and you can read the results of the survey in this thread . Thank you to all who participated!

June also saw the release of an update to Icaros Desktop, the leading x86 distribution by Paolo Besser. The update, presented as version 2.1.2, brings a refreshed 68K environment, new cloud service drivers and a few updated applications. Visit to download the update.

As a final highlight, Krzysztof Smiechowicz began work to refresh the ABI_V0-compatible system files with the latest developments from the AROS trunk. The last refresh was done at the end of 2014, so it is a good time to bring the new functionalities to the AROS community. The refreshed version is expected to be available in Fall 2016.

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