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The following companies, organizations, and individuals have donated resources:

  • Trustsec

    The nice people at Trustsec donate space and bandwidth for the AROS webserver, CVS server, FTP server and several mailing lists. If you need Java development or courses in Germany, contact them!

  • Genesi

    Genesi have generously donated a Pegasos motherboard, in an effort to bring AROS to that hardware platform. Thanks!

  • SourceForge

    SourceForge provides us with several services, like a web server with scripting extensions and a SQL database, mailing lists, a bug database and a distributed file-release system.

  • Yann Vernier

  • Randal Vice

  • Stephen Jones

The following organizations and individuals have sponsored development work:

  • Team AROS
  • Power2People
  • Norsk Amigaforening
  • Timothy Rue
  • Jakob Eriksson
  • Serge Guillaume
  • David Ferguson
  • Nils-Erik Reklev Skilnand
  • Jonny Johansson
  • Johan Grip
  • Marcus Karlsson
  • Rune Jensen
  • Joshua Dolan
  • Matthew Parsons
  • Jean-Pierre Rivière
  • Stephen Jones
  • Pascal Papara
  • ACube Systems Slr

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