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Contact Information


The main contact for the AROS Development Team is Aaron "Optimizer" Digulla. If you want to address the team as a whole, e.g. if you want to propose a sponsoring deal or other forms of cooperation, this is the guy to talk to. You can reach him by sending a mail to

Mailing lists

There are a couple of AROS-related mailing lists available, which are the main channels of information and discussion about AROS for developers. The following mailings lists are available:

  • AROS Developer

    This is the developer mailing list, where discussions about the development of AROS are held. Also, the nightly build status is posted daily to this list. Submissions to the bug database are posted to this list, too. It is highly recommended for developers to join this list, as it will otherwise be quite hard to keep up to date on current developments. Since there aren't that many AROS developers, the volume on this list is generally quite low, but it can become quite high during heated discussions.


    Subscription requests to this list are not handled automatically, but every request is verified by the list administrator. So, there might be some delay from the time you send a subscription request to when you actually become a member.


    This is a read-only developer mailing list where Subversion logs are automatically posted whenever something is commited to the Subversion server. So if you want almost real-time feedback on the Subversion server, this is the list for you. The volume to this list can be quite high.

  • AROS Website

    The website build script sents mail to this list, so, those who commit changes to the documentation or can fix stuff if something explodes should subscribe to it.

Follow the links to the administrative pages for information on how to subscribe, unsubscribe, accessing the archives and other useful functions.


AROS-Exec is the official community portal for AROS. There, you can find the latest news related to AROS, online discussion forums, picture galleries, and much more. It's the perfect meeting place for AROS users from all over the world.

IRC Channels

There is an official IRC channel for AROS, unsurprisingly named #aros, on the FreeNode network. Please connect to, which will redirect to a server close to you. It's for discussing everything and anything related to AROS, including development and how to take over the world. On rare occasions, when the main channel is very noisy, development-related discussions move to

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