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ULONG ArosInquireA(
         struct TagItem * taglist );

ULONG ArosInquire(
         TAG tag, ... );


This function is used to query system characteristics not easily
queried with another function.


tags -- taglist with appropriate queries. The tag's ti_Data field
    should point to the location where the result of the query
    is stored. Do not forget to clear the location before, as
    queries not understood will be left untouched.

AI_KickstartBase APTR
AI_KickstartSize ULONG
AI_KickstartVersion UWORD
AI_KickstartRevision UWORD
    Only support these tags if we are on the native machine. On other machines this
    call will not touch the storage space. Set the storage space to 0 if you want to
    see if this call touches it.

AI_ArosVersion IPTR
    aros.library version masquerades as AROS version. This means
    that all aros modules must have the same major version number.

AI_ArosReleaseMajor IPTR
    Update this whenever a new AROS is released.

AI_ArosReleaseMinor IPTR
    Update this whenever a new AROS is released.

AI_ArosReleaseDate IPTR
    Update this whenever a new AROS is released.

AI_ArosBuildDate IPTR
    Given in the format: <d>.<m>.<y>

AI_ArosVariant IPTR
    Distribution name.

AI_ArosArchitecture IPTR
    Return the target architecture.

    Update this whenever a new ABI is introduced in AROS. Special value of
    -1 means that the ABI is under development and subject to change.


All queries understood by this call will have appropriate values
assigned to the location a tag's ti_Data pointed to.

This function will return 0 on success, or the index of the
first tag that could not be processed. (Ie 1 for Tag[0], 2 for
Tag[1], etc)

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