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If you are a user wanting to try AROS, please use the links in the Distributions section to download a fully-featured AROS distribution. The nightly builds you will find at the bottom of the page are only meant for developers and testers. The nightly builds are not configured to be easily used, are not always stable, and they are missing most of the applications essential to a regular user experience.


Distributions are preconfigured and tested versions of AROS. They contain a lot of useful user applications that don't come with the main binaries and will be of great interest to users. They may not have the latest core system, but their stability and user-friendliness is much greater than those of the nightly builds. If you are a user interested in checking what AROS has to offer, use the distributions to get the most complete AROS experience.

Icaros Desktop LIVE!


Icaros Desktop LIVE! is a complete distribution of the AROS desktop operating system. It comes on a bootable live DVD-ROM or CD-ROM that runs directly on your PC (its hardware components must already be supported by AROS) or in a virtual machine such as VMWare or VirtualBox. It can be installed on the hard drive and can coexist with installed OSes such as Microsoft Windows, in a dedicated partition. A quick reference guide and some AROS PDF manuals are included.



AspireOS is a lightweight distribution, originally designed for netbooks such as the Acer Aspire One. It tries to keep things as simple as possible. The programs included are well tested.

AROS Broadway

AROS Broadway is the native AROS distribution made for the ARES Computer but also working on every AROS compatible PC.

AROS Vision

AROS Vision is a distribution for M68k Amigas. To run well, it requires a powerful Amiga or an emulator such as WinUAE.


Snapshots are non-periodic, non-automated builds of AROS. They are done by developers who can't set up a nightly build for some reason.

These ports are not unmaintained, so please use the bug tracker to report bugs.

Nightly Builds

Nightly builds are done, as the name implies, every night, directly from the Subversion tree, and they contain the latest code. However, they have not been tested in any way and may contain bugs. Most of the time, though, they work just fine.

Please report bugs you may discover while using these builds through the bug tracker. For any other necessity, please feel free to contact us through the AROS-Exec forums.

Nightly Builds (ABIv1)

AROS is currently transitioning to a new ABI. An extra set of nightly builds is made based on this experimental source tree, but these builds are only useful for developers who want to check the progress of the ABI transition. They are not compatible with existing AROS distributions or with the AROS software available from The AROS Archives or Aminet. Users wishing to try new features or bug fixes that are not yet available in distributions should only use the normal nightly builds.

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