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Create a new shell in a new console window. This window will become
the active one. The new shell inherits most attributes of the parent
shell like the current directory, stack size, prompt and so on.
However, it is completely independent of the parent shell.
    The window belonging to the new shell may be specified by
using the WINDOW keyword.


WINDOW  --  Specification of the shell window

            X         --  number of pixels from the left edge of
                          the screen
            Y         --  number of pixels from the top edge of
                          the screen
            WIDTH     --  width of the shell window in pixels
            HEIGHT    --  height of the shell window in pixels
            TITLE     --  text to appear in the shell window's
                          title bar
            AUTO      --  the window automatically appears when the
                          program needs input or output
            ALT       --  the window appears in the specified size
                          and position when the zoom gadget is clicked
            BACKDROP  --  the window is a backdrop window
            CLOSE     --  include a close gadget
            INACTIVE  --  the window is not made active when opened
            NOBORDER  --  the window is borderless, only the size,
                          depth and zoom gadgets are available
            NOCLOSE   --  the window has no close gadget
            NODEPTH   --  the window has no depth gadget
            NODRAG    --  the window cannot be drag; implies NOCLOSE
            NOSIZE    --  the window has no size gadget
            SCREEN    --  name of a public screen to open the window on
            SIMPLE    --  if the window is enlarged the text expands to
                          fill the available space
            SMART     --  if the window is enlarged the text will not
            WAIT      --  the window can only be closed by selecting
                          the close gadget or entering CTRL-\.

FROM    --  File to execute before resorting to normal shell
            operations. If nothing is specified S:Shell-Startup
            is used.


NewShell "CON:10/10/640/480/My own shell/CLOSE"

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