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AROS 1.0 Roadmap Recommendations


This section lists items that need to be completed before each requirement can be considered closed. This list is considered valid until next review of AROS roadmap. During such a periodic review, completed items are removed from the list. Also, new items may be added to the list or existing, uncompleted, items may be removed - the decision should however be made carefully not to leave out important features or prolong the release of 1.0 indefinitely.


1. AmigaOS 3.1 API compatibility.

  • Implement printer.device and a PDF-printer driver
  • Implement FileSys.resource
  • Complete workbench.library

3. Completed GUI tool-kit.

  • Finish API completeness review
  • Implement MUIA_AppMessage support
  • Implement MUIM_Import/MUIM_Export for classes and properties listed in documentation of MUIM_Application_Load
  • ARexx support in Application class (MUIA_Application_RexxHook, MUIA_Application_RexxMsg, MUIA_Application_RexxString)
  • Support for opening windows on custom screens specified in Zune Prefs
  • Drag & Drop support in Listviews and Lists (MUIA_Listview_DragType, MUIA_List_DragSortable, MUIA_List_DropMark, MUIA_List_ShowDropMarks)
  • Further decision made after review finished

4. Standard applications comparable to those which come with AmigaOS 3.1.

  • Implement printer preferences editor
  • Add AppIcon support to Wanderer
  • Add AppMenus support to Wanderer
  • Add AppWindows support to Wanderer
  • Add DropZones support to Wanderer
  • Add support for displaying icons for NDOS volumes
  • Add support for positioning icons by coordinates
  • Add support for editing default icons properties via Icon->Information
  • Implement IconEdit application

7. Self-hosted development environment and SDK for developers.

  • ABI_V1 implemented and merged with main trunk - C library and ETask - dos.library compatibility - Retest changes on x86 native - Write (i386) ABI reference manual - SysBase location - How to extend OS3.x shared libraries - Varargs handling - C library
  • Port SVN client tools to AROS

8. Comprehensive documentation for developers.

  • Maintain up-to-date autodocs
  • Maintain up-to-date HIDD subsystem documentation
  • Write description of modular kernel architecture
  • Write explanation of AROS basic data type, use and relation to C data types
  • Write explanation of differences between resources, libraries, devices and handlers
  • Write description of graphics and USB HIDDs
  • Write following "How to" documents - these documents should cover the defined topic and be accompanied with a source code example of working modules: - How to compile modules and interact with the AROS build system - How to compile modules outside the AROS build system - How to write a command line application - How to write a BOOPSI application - How to write a Zune application - How to write a network application - How to write a commodity application - How to write a datatype - How to write a AROSTCP network driver - How to write a GFX HIDD driver - How to write an AHI sound driver - How to write a printer driver - How to write an AROS dynamic library - How to write a BOOPSI/Zune class - How to port *nix software to AROS - Basics
  • Further topics definition needed

9. Comprehensive documentation for users.

  • Write following "How to" documents: - How to configure your network manually - How to configure your network with a DHCP client - How to write AmigaOS scripts
  • Further topics definition needed

10. Substantial testing and bug hunting complete.

  • Complete items: 1, 3, 4, 7
  • Feature freeze
  • Deliver release candidates schedule

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