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Autodocs for Modules

alib amigaguide aros arosmesa arossupport
asl battclock bootloader bsdsocket bullet
camd cgfx cgxbootpic cgxvideo commodities
console coolimages datatypes debug diskfont
dos efi exec expansion gadtools
gallium gl graphics graphics_hidd hidd_hidd
hostlib hpet hyperlayers icon identify
iffparse input intuition kbd_hidd kernel
keymap kms locale lowlevel mathffp
mathieeedoubbas mathieeedoubtrans mathieeesingbas mathieeesingtrans mathtrans
misc mouse_hidd mui_classes muimaster muiscreen
nonvolatile oop partition pci_hidd posixc
processor prometheus realtime reqtools rexxsupport
rexxsyslib setpatch stdc timer unixio_hidd
utility uuid vega workbench  

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