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July 2016 Highlights

Author:Krzysztof Smiechowicz

In July AROS core received a number of small fixes and updates from varius contributors, including Neil Cafferkey, Krzysztof Smiechowicz, Matthias Rustler and Stefan Haubenthal. Notably, this work included fixing the native GCC to correctly search for SDK paths.

Outside of core AROS developments, an interesting offer has been made by the Apollo Team . They offered free Vampire accelerator cards to developers interested in improving AROS 68k. More information can be found in this thread .

We've also seen a good portion of new applications being released for AROS. A number of games have been ported and are now available for download from the Archives . Next, SimpleMail mail client, has been updated to version 0.41. Finally, a retro gaming center program called EMULA has been made public by its author, Fabio Falcucci. EMULA is free to use and includes additional features based on subscription model.

Closing July's highlights, Pascal Papara released a new preview build of his AROS x86 distribution called AROS Broadway. More information can be found here .

June 2016 Highlights

Author:Krzysztof Smiechowicz

This month's highlights start with the results of the AROS 2016 usage survey. The survey was aimed at understanding the ways in which AROS is used and what is needed to make it more useful. In total 50 people took part and you can read the results of the survey in this thread . Thank you to all who participated!

June also saw the release of an update to Icaros Desktop, the leading x86 distribution by Paolo Besser. The update, presented as version 2.1.2, brings a refreshed 68K environment, new cloud service drivers and a few updated applications. Visit to download the update.

As a final highlight, Krzysztof Smiechowicz began work to refresh the ABI_V0-compatible system files with the latest developments from the AROS trunk. The last refresh was done at the end of 2014, so it is a good time to bring the new functionalities to the AROS community. The refreshed version is expected to be available in Fall 2016.

May 2016 Highlights

Author:Krzysztof Smiechowicz

As the days finally got warmer on northern hemisphere, the activity of both users and developers of AROS reached quite low levels in May.

Krzysztof Smiechowicz made the necessary fixes to the source code and enabled again the x86_64 build of AROS, which was not available for over three months. Right now nightly build targets for all supported architectures are available.

In May first version of a new, interesting application has been made available by Marcus Sacrow. Mapparium is an OpenStreetMap client working under AROS and MorphOS. Current functionality allows for example browsing the map and searching for location.

Closing, a new survey has been launched in order to understand how AROS is used by people and how it can become even more useful. If you have not done so, please answer the survey questions in this thread

April 2016 Highlights

Author:Krzysztof Smiechowicz

This biggest news of April was the release of long awaited, new version of Odyssey Web Browser by Krzysztof Smiechowicz. Odyssey 1.25 released after one and half years of development brings updated WebKit engine, many stability and bug fixes and finally the capability to play HTML5 videos to AROS. While Odyssey is a cross-AmigaNG browser, AROS currently has the most advanced version.

Nick Andrews continued his work started in March and added more patches to support AROS being compiled with GCC 6.1.0 as well as Clang/LLVM. In April Nick also initiated the work on supporting 64-bit version of ARM platform. We do not yet have a working build, but first important steps are taken. Finally Nick ported ffmpeg library in version 3.0.1 to AROS and updated the source codes of SMB file system. The later allows compatibility with Windows 7 created shares.

Icaros 2.1 AROS distribution, released in March, received a small update in April, bringing component fixes and new version of Odyssey Web Browser thus increasing the version of Icaros to 2.1.1. Olaf Schoenweiss released an updated version of his Aros Vision distribution for AROS 68k. From version 3.1 AROS Vision adds "RTG" suffix, because in April Olaf also released a new experimental distribution called Aros Vision PAL which is aimed at lower spec machines.

March 2016 Highlights

Author:Krzysztof Smiechowicz

March saw tons of activity from all aspects of AROS. First and foremost Nick Andrews has been working on enabling compilation of AROS with GCC 6.0. This not only included the porting of the compiler itself, but also adjusting the source code to the new compiler and fixing warnings and bugs. While at it, Nick also worked on our build system making it more flexible and capable of integrating a second compiler - LLVM/Clang. While AROS cannot yet be compiled with the new compiler, the usage is already possible.

Continuing work of Nick, he applied many fixes to x86_64 version of AROS. The fixes were mainly the result of problems detected by new version of GCC.

Third area that received improvements was the 68k support in AROS. Georg Steger updated the AROS RGT driver, giving it more performance, stability and functionality. Toni Willen implemented faster hunk executable loading, solving the long standing difference between hunk and elf. Jason McMullan improved the stability of Amiga ATA driver under low memory conditions. All these improvements contribute to better AROS 68k which is important in the light of coming Vampire V2 accelerator card.

Wanderer, the AROS Workbench replacement, received also a new file search capability thanks to Matthias Rustler. This development is going to be really appreciated by Wanderer users.

A lot also happened in AROS distributions. Pascal Papara released new versions of AEROS Premium for Odroid XU3 and XU4 as well as AEROS for RaspberryPi 3. Icaros Desktop, leading distribution for x86 PC computers was updated by Paolo Besser to version 2.1 bringing updates to software released in last year.

Closing this update, in 3rd party development, Marcus Sackrow released version 0.54 of his text editor EdiSyn. EdiSyn among standard editor features supports also syntax highlighting which is important to developers working directly under AROS.

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